Virginia Girl Gives 120 Bloodhounds to Police Departments Throughout the U.S. (News)


Tammy Bybee loves bloodhounds and has donated greater than 120 of the loving canines to police departments.

She’s bred the massive canines for cops throughout the U.S. as she works in regulation enforcement herself and understands the significance of bloodhounds specifically. They’re identified for his or her exemplary skill to trace scents for prolonged durations of time. 

“They’re huge smelly, slobbery, loving canines,” Bybee stated. “What they’ll do is totally phenomenal although.”

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Bybee, of Virginia, stated it began when a pair of bloodhounds she owned had a litter of 15 puppies. When she reached out to native police to donate them, her telephone began ringing off the hook.

“I used to be so busy ensuring that everybody bought their pet that I cried afterwards… however I do not cry anymore,” Bybee stated. “The handlers be in contact with me. I get photos of them and their successes. It is a good looking factor, it truly is.”

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Tammy pays for the breeding of the canines out of her personal pocket, however she stated the reward is priceless.

The tales of her canines discovering a suspect after a taking pictures provides her goosebumps, and he or she’s in awe that “God created one thing with 4 legs that had a [sense of] scent that was astronomical above something you would think about.”


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