The 25 Strongest Supernatural Villains, Formally Ranked (News)


Whereas Supernatural began out as a monster-of-the-week tv collection, over time it has constructed up one of many densest and most attention-grabbing mythologies in all of tv.

With a conflict between Heaven and Hell trapping Dean and Sam Winchester within the center, there was no scarcity of nasty villains to battle the boys in any given episode.

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After all, the largest villains up entrance had been the demons. The 4 important types of demons — red-eyed, yellow-eyed, black-eyed, and white-eyed — every had their very own strengths and powers, and so they additionally had the ability to show regular folks into pawns for his or her battles.

The angels in Heaven had been no higher, with common angels pulling off dastardly deeds that made even a number of the demons step again in awe. The truth that the complete conflict was attributable to two of the 4 unique Archangels ought to inform Supernatural followers all they should know in regards to the traces of gray within the conflict.

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Add in monsters and even deities like The Darkness, The Cosmic Entity, and God’s personal sister, and there are {powerful} heroes and villains in each nook of the universe.

With Sam and Dean Winchester and their closest allies combating a battle that at all times appears to journey uphill, here’s a take a look at The 25 Strongest Supernatural Villains, Formally Ranked.


Gordon Walker does not rank excessive on the checklist as a result of he’s a human with none particular powers. Nonetheless, whereas he is not an angel or demon, Walker has one factor going for him that makes him a really harmful opponent — he’s a educated hunter.

With that stated, he’s a hunter who stepped over the road and had no issues taking out something with out regret.

Gordon not solely was a psychopath, however he was additionally utterly loopy and realized on the finish that there was an evil in himself that he would destroy as soon as he completed with Sam.

Gordon was a vampire hunter who hunted out of hatred after dropping his household to the creatures.

Nonetheless, he ended up turning right into a vampire earlier than the tip of his life.


Naomi was an angel who served as a part of the intelligence division in Heaven. She was ruthless in her quest to cease the angel pill from entering into the mistaken fingers, however was additionally the being accountable for the resurrection of Castiel.

Whereas that appears to make her a superb man, she did it simply to make use of him as a spy on Earth. Like most angels, she had her personal causes for every thing that she did.

To maintain Castiel in her grasp, she took the lives of quite a few folks, claiming that she was doing it to guard Heaven and Earth.

Nonetheless, she solely cared in regards to the angel pill and no lives mattered to her in the long term so long as she achieved that purpose.

She was a key in making an attempt to cease Metatron and was one of many strongest angels on Supernatural, however that was not sufficient to avoid wasting her.


Ruby was a black-eyed demon who confirmed up in season 3. She satisfied Sam that there could possibly be “good” demons when she joined them as a hunter.

As a matter of truth, Ruby holds a robust place within the historical past of Supernatural since she gave the boys the demon-destroying knife.

Nonetheless, as with most demons, Ruby may by no means be trusted and it was later revealing that she was working for Lilith the complete time.

Whereas Ruby possessed no particular powers and was only a regular demon, her emotional and psychological energy over Sam was what made her such a formidable foe. She was capable of persuade him to go in opposition to his higher instincts and drove an enormous stake between him and Dean, one thing that also impacts them on some stage years later.


When Dean was making an attempt to rid himself of the Mark of Cain, they discovered a spellbook titled The Guide of the Damned.

This perked the curiosity of an historic mystical group referred to as the Styne Household — people also called the Frankenstein household. They include a number of generations of mystics and had been the idea for the unique Frankenstein novel.

The lads within the household take the lives of individuals after which use their physique elements to offer them better powers than regular people. They used their magic for energy and had been even utilizing it to assist the Nazis, the place they profited from their rise and fall.

When Eldon Frankenstein took the lifetime of Charlie, it was one step too far and Dean massacred the complete American model of the household.

21 MEG

Meg was utterly evil… till she wasn’t. Because the “daughter” of Azazel, this black-eyed demon was named Meg after the lady she possessed and was a loyal follower of Lucifer.

She was as harmful as anybody, taking out a whole lot of the Winchester boys’ pals and allies and he or she even possessed Sam, took down a hunter, and tortured Jo earlier than her defeat.

She later returned as an ally to the Winchester boys and labored in that technique for 2 seasons. After all, as a demon, this was for her personal well-being, as she wished assist battling Crowley when he took over Hell and knew that she wanted Dean with a purpose to do this.

As for powers, black-eyed demons will not be essentially the most {powerful}, however she took out an angel and took down three Leviathans simply.


As anybody who works in enterprise is aware of, higher administration has a whole lot of energy. That is the spot that the angel Zachariah holds in Heaven. He was the direct supervisor to Castiel and solely answered to the archangels themselves, serving underneath Michael and Raphael after Lucifer was forged down.

Zachariah had some spectacular powers and was a continuing thorn within the facet of Dean and Sam, giving Dean most cancers after which sending him right into a future the place Lucifer destroyed him.

He altered the Winchester’s actuality and even used their deceased mom to torment them.

He was extra {powerful} than virtually all demons and monsters on Earth, however it was his failure to recruit Sam and Dean for the apocalypse that lastly did him in.


That is the unique Cain — the son of Adam and Eve who took out his personal brother, Abel, inflicting his damnation and servitude of Lucifer.

It seems that on this planet of Supernatural, Lucifer wished Abel and was corrupting him. Cain sacrificed himself to Lucifer to avoid wasting his brother’s soul.

The weapon he used grew to become the First Blade and Lucifer marked Cain, turning him into the primary demon Knight of Hell who helped to wreck havoc on Earth.

Cain finally retired and lived with a human he liked. Nonetheless, when the Knights of Hell threatened his spouse, he took out each considered one of them aside from Abaddon, who then induced Cain to unintentionally take down his personal spouse.

Whereas he was very {powerful} at one time, his torment finally bought to him and prevented him from combating when Dean lastly confronted him.


These are the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse within the Bible — Dying, Pestilence, Famine, and Battle. All 4 of those beings have their very own particular powers.

Battle can learn minds and trigger hallucinations that influences folks to battle one another. Pestilence creates horrible illnesses. Famine consumes souls, and, lastly, Dying can command reapers and lift the deceased.

What retains this formidable group from rating increased is that Sam and Dean had been capable of run by three of them fairly simply, with solely Dying proving to be robust sufficient to offer them issues.

In relation to his energy, not even God is ready to take down Dying, however he’s respectful of the order of the universe and will not do something to disrupt it. His solely weak point is his personal scythe, which he mistakenly allowed Dean to get his fingers on.


Azazel is the one who began all of it. The yellow-eyed demon is the one which took down Mary Winchester and set John and his sons on their path to changing into relentless demon hunters.

He was one of the {powerful} demons to look on Supernatural and was the one yellowed-eyed demon till season 12.

He additionally proved to be a worthy adversary by taking out John twice and inflicting the demise of Sam by the hands of considered one of his “particular kids.”

Azazel had tremendous power, demonic possession, the flexibility to psychically injure people and actuality warping skills by deal-makers.

He additionally modified the course of Sam’s life by dipping his personal blood into his mouth the night time Mary handed away. This led to his manipulation of each boys, with the tip recreation of elevating Lucifer from Hell.


Gadreel is the explanation why the complete world is such a multitude. He’s instantly accountable for every thing together with the conflict between Michael and Lucifer.

Gadreel was God’s most trusted angel, however he allowed Lucifer into the Backyard of Eden to tempt Adam and Eve. That is what ended up inflicting God to go away Heaven and forged the complete world into chaos.

Gadreel was imprisoned and tortured for thus a few years that he overlooked his unique job to guard humanity. As a substitute, he simply wished to redeem himself and search vengeance for his errors.

Gadreel additionally lied to Dean with a purpose to disguise in Sam’s physique for his personal egocentric causes. Whereas he was weak when forged down, he grew in power and energy the longer he remained in Sam’s vessel and was near Castiel’s stage of energy on Earth.


Gabriel is the brother of Michael and Lucifer, and whereas he isn’t as {powerful} as his siblings, he’s nonetheless very {powerful} in his personal proper.

Supernatural followers first met this archangel when he was impersonating another person — the Trickster Loki. After all, this was simply because he wished nothing to do together with his brothers’ battles. In actuality, he’s fairly {powerful}.

Gabriel finally joined Dean and Sam to battle Lucifer. The attention-grabbing factor about Gabriel is that he was not a villain as a lot as an antagonistic pressure who used his powers to show Dean and Sam classes.

His powers had been appreciable, together with tremendous power, shapeshifting, telekinesis, and time-travel.

The issue is that he was the youngest archangel and was subsequently no match for his older brothers.


Rafael was the third oldest of the archangels, solely older than Gabriel. In contrast to Gabriel, who went into hiding after Lucifer’s revolt, Raphael stood by Michael and labored with him in an try and take over.

If there was any query about how robust Raphael is, the truth that he took down Castiel ought to quell any doubts.

He was one of the {powerful} beings to ever exist, stronger than simply about anybody or something exterior of different archangels, God and Dying.

Castiel admitted that Raphael was stronger than him and he would by no means win in a good battle, including that additionally it is virtually unimaginable to entrap him. Fortunately for Castiel, he was capable of finally win due to taking within the souls of Purgatory to energy up.


Alastair is a really {powerful} white-eyed demon and is perhaps the second ever created following Lilith. His job is to function the principle torturer in Hell.

Which means he was the demon to torture each John Winchester and Dean whereas they had been there. He additionally has an immunity to many demons weaknesses, which was showcased when Sam stabbed him with a demon-destroying knife and he barely flinched.

He’s even {powerful} sufficient to resist Castiel’s assaults and typically overpowered him in fights.

He was additionally robust sufficient to lastly break down Dean and begin the apocalypse, so he will get credit score for that. Nonetheless, he was clearly subservient to Lilith, and Sam was capable of finally taking him out utilizing his psychic powers.


There is no such thing as a telling how {powerful} the Cosmic Entity is, however the thriller of this being is sufficient to unfold concern to anybody who learns of its existence.

This Entity was there earlier than God and the Darkness and is taken into account a spot of nothingness. Its solely look on Supernatural was seen as a shadowy determine that first appeared in season 13.

The primary look noticed the Entity tackle Castiel’s kind to talk to the angel, explaining that its true kind is just too scary to behold.

The Entity can be the ruler of the Empty — the place each angel and demon find yourself in an everlasting sleep once they perish.

From its look, The Entity is all-powerful and has no equal, however it’s low on this checklist as a result of Castiel was capable of annoy it sufficient to get his means.


Metatron was a vital being in Heaven — he was the Scribe of God who recorded the Phrase of God. When Lucifer and Michael started their conflict, Metatron fled Heaven to cover out on Earth as a result of he did not need both to make use of him as a pawn to learn the Phrase of God.

Nonetheless, he quickly grew to become the Large Unhealthy when he determined that he wished to take over Heaven and kick the angels out in order that he may turn into the brand new God.

Metatron wanted to achieve the tablets that the Phrase of God was recorded on to realize his plan. Very like archangels, he retained his powers on Earth regardless of leaving Heaven for a very long time.

His plan to take over Heaven labored, however he did not depend on the Winchesters being so relentless and eventually met his match when battling Amara.


There are vampires after which there’s the Alpha Vampire. Created by Eve, it is a vampire that will not perish by conventional strategies and wishes one thing particular if anybody needs an opportunity of bringing down this large unhealthy evil.

The Alpha Vampire was so {powerful} that he caught round for a number of seasons. The boys weren’t capable of take him out till the 12th season.

The Alpha Vampire was the daddy of all vampires. Which means he has the power and energy of all vampires however at a heightened stage because of his age and Alpha standing.

After Crowley began to destroy the entire Alphas, the vampire was essentially the most {powerful} monster left on Supernatural till his eventual demise by the hands of Dean Winchester.


Lilith is a white-eyed demon and was the primary demon ever created. Which means she outranked different demons from Hell, together with Alastair.

As the primary demon, she was essentially the most powerful– solely the Princes of Hell and Cain got here near her uncooked energy.

She can be resistant to a lot of the demonic weaknesses.

Nonetheless, whereas she typically defeated angels in battle, she did concern the archangels.

Her important assault is a devastating blast of white vitality, however she additionally had one thing else that made her extraordinarily harmful to the Winchester boys– she held sway over Dean’s soul.

Much more spectacular is that whereas she perished by the hands of Sam, she did it for the love of Lucifer as a result of her demise freed him from his cage.


Rowena was first regarded as a witch that the Winchester brothers had been searching. Nonetheless, her tenacity and perseverance made her somebody who at all times appeared to trigger issues, and there was a superb motive for that. Rowena was none apart from Crowley’s mom.

In relation to the villains on Supernatural that induced essentially the most issues, Rowena heads that checklist.

She had nice affect over her son when he dominated over Hell and he or she was born with the powers of a witch and subsequently by no means used a demon to realize these skills.

Her spells are too {powerful} for regular people and he or she is immortal, at all times coming back from the grave to trigger extra bother.


Abbadon was one of many final of her variety, a demon Knight of Hell. The one different remaining Knight of Hell was her mentor Cain.

She had one very devious plan. Abbadon wished to go to Earth, reclaim Crowley, and switch all people into her personal personal demon military. She additionally had a robust hatred for Crowley, as she despised him changing into the King of Hell due to her love of the realm and all it represented.

Her energy is immense and he or she truly single-handedly induced the extinction of the primary Males of Letters.

She was in all probability essentially the most {powerful} demon that Sam and Dean ever confronted as a result of regular strategies of coping with demons didn’t work on her. It took Dean making the last word sacrifice and getting the Mark of Cain to lastly take her down.


Earlier than God created angels, he created his first creatures — the Leviathan. The issue with these beasts is that they had been wild and ate nearly every thing that God created, so he needed to do one thing with them.

He created Purgatory and left them there. Sadly for humanity, Castiel unintentionally allow them to again out. Their chief was a being named Dick Roman and he was the creature that took down Bobby.

Dick Roman was a monster that lived in company America, which made him much more {powerful} than a typical monster.

The Alpha that took over Roman used his company to create a world the place the Leviathan had an limitless provide of human meals.

Dick was so {powerful} that each Crowley and the Alpha Vampire agreed to assist Dean and Sam defeat him.


Crowley is definitely probably the greatest characters on Supernatural, as he is a villain who has additionally helped the Winchester boys on a couple of event.

Nonetheless, he has all of the traits of an ideal antagonist, as he solely thinks of himself however nonetheless leads viewers to cheer for him as a rule.

In relation to his energy ranges, he’s simply one of many strongest characters on the complete collection and sometimes commits his atrocious acts with a smile.

He’s probably essentially the most {powerful} red-eyed demon in existence.

He additionally was Lilith’s right-hand man and the previous King of Hell. How {powerful} is he? He had a hand in taking down Roman and bought the perfect of Dean and Castiel.


Eve is an especially {powerful} being associated to the Leviathons — the unique monsters that existed earlier than even angels and demons, and Eve had the ability to take down each.

She additionally created the Alphas and experimented with different monster creation over time as properly, making her the Mom of All. This included the Alpha Vampire.

Eve is sort of indestructible and unbeatable, her solely weak point being the Phoneix ash.

She was stronger than any monster, angel, or demon and has Leviathon powers, which features a resistance to angel powers.

She was additionally one of many solely beings capable of completely alter souls into the type of monsters. She may even name on souls for extra energy, which has similarities to angels and demons, and solely provides to her already immense powers.


When one thinks of essentially the most {powerful} villain from any story, the Satan looks like an ideal guess for primary. Nonetheless, this did not occur on this planet of Supernatural as a result of there are not less than two villains much more {powerful} than Lucifer.

Devil continues to be extraordinarily {powerful}, although, as he pulled many strings with a purpose to make Dean and Sam’s life a dwelling hell for nearly the complete collection.

Lucifer is an archangel and his sin — the explanation why God forged him out of Heaven — was the created demons. Which means each demon on this checklist exists due to Lucifer.

He had a lot pent up anger that he was even too {powerful} for his first vessel. His solely weak point is his vainness, however his energy rivals all, and solely Michael, God, Dying, and Amara are stronger.


The 2 males whose conflict trapped the Winchester boys in its snares is the archangel Michael and his brother Lucifer. Because the oldest of the archangels, Michael is essentially the most {powerful} of all of angels, however has an enormous drawback.

He wished, greater than something, to assist Lucifer rise from Hell in order that the 2 may have the battle to finish all fights — the apocalypse.

There is no such thing as a one in Heaven or Hell that may match Michael. He has the ability to own any member of the Winchester household and he even used Dean and Sam to attempt to obtain this world-changing purpose.

Castiel has stated that Michael is among the solely beings stronger than Lucifer, and solely Lucifer, God, Dying, Darkness, or an Archangel Blade utilized by an archangel can finish him.


Probably the most {powerful} being within the Supernatural universe is The Darkness — a being that turned out to be none apart from God’s older sister.

The 2 had been very shut siblings, however Amara was not very good. Each time God created new worlds, she would destroy them out of jealousy, so after he created people, God then trapped her to maintain her from destroying them.

When Dean unintentionally launched Amara, she determined that she was going to destroy every thing, which is what she was finest at.

Since she is God’s sister, there is not a demon, angel, or monster who’s stronger than her, though God created the Archangels to battle her initially.

The Darkness is essentially the most {powerful} being in existence.

What do you assume? Are there another Supernatural villains who should be right here? Tell us within the feedback!

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