Egyptian Sarcophagus Discovered Nonetheless Sealed in Historical Tomb (News)


An Egyptian sarcophagus discovered nonetheless sealed in an historic tomb in Alexandria will give archeologists a uncommon alternative to review the contents of the large black-granite coffin, Stay Science reported. Comparable tombs normally have been looted lengthy earlier than their modern-day discovery.

The coffin is 9 toes lengthy, 5 toes huge and 6 toes tall. It’s believed to be from 304 and 30 B.C., a time after the loss of life of Alexander the Nice, and will be the largest ever present in Alexandria, in accordance with Mostafa Waziri of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities.

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Archeologists might resolve to make use of X-rays, computed tomography scans or one other scientifictests that can permit them to look inside with out opening the sarcophagus, Stay Science stated.

Most frequently, historic tombs present in Egypt comprise solely scattered bones of the buried particular person buried inside. The truth that this sarcophagus seems to haven’t been open has left researchers excited.

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An antiquities ministry crew was inspecting an space within the Sidi Gaber district of Alexandria earlier than building began for a brand new constructing once they found the sarcophagus.

Ayman Ashmawy, head of the traditional Egyptian antiquities Sector, stated on Fb that the tomb was discovered at a depth of 5 meters.

Ashmawy stated there was a layer of mortar between the coffin’s lid and the physique of the sarcophagus, indicating that it had not been opened because it was closed. An alabaster head of a person was additionally discovered, most probably belonging to the proprietor of the tomb.

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Ptolemy I, who was one in every of Alexander the Nice’s generals, dominated Egypt on the time archeologists believed the tomb was buried. In keeping with, he was the founding father of the Ptolemaic dynasty, which reigned longer than another Alexandrian empire till it fell to the Romans in 30 B.C.

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