22 Memes That Present The Guardians Of The Galaxy Make No Sense (News)


Think about that it’s 2008. Iron Man has simply launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe, blowing up the field workplace and heralding the indeniable comeback of Robert Downey, Jr.

Additionally, think about that you’re a Marvel government in 2008. If you happen to wished to be fired as quick as doable, you’d say, “How about we do a film set in area starring Andy from Parks and Rec, Vin Diesel as a tree, and a very ornery raccoon?”

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But, six years later in 2014, the executives at Marvel determined to take an opportunity on a little-known comedian that includes fully obscure characters from the far reaches of the Marvel universe, and produced Guardians of the Galaxy.

Hollywood thought it will fail, however Hollywood additionally underestimates the urge for food of audiences for raccoon-tree wackiness.

The smash success of GOTG was the ultimate, definitive mic-drop to point out that whereas the Marvel Cinematic Universe was commercially bulletproof, it may additionally take loopy inventive dangers and nonetheless rake in boatloads of money primarily based on the energy of its expertise and model title alone.

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Whenever you take a loopy inventive danger, although, you steadily should throw on a regular basis logic out the window, which is one thing Guardians of the Galaxy does with aplomb.

Because of this, there are a whole lot of issues concerning the GOTG motion pictures and the characters from them that simply don’t make a lick of sense when you concentrate on them after the credit roll.

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The Guardians solid continues to carry their specific model of madness and illogic to Avengers: Infinity Conflict.

Spoilers forward! Listed here are the 22 Memes That Present The Guardians of the Galaxy Make No Sense.

22 Yondu and Peter’s abusive relationship

Here’s a enjoyable factor that folks appear to overlook concerning the first Guardians of the Galaxy film: Yondu kidnapped a baby after which held him in captivity whereas threatening to eat him.

Yondu performs his threats to eat Peter off as a joke, however even joking about consuming him in all probability scarred him for all times.

Since one of many main plot factors of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is how abusive Ego’s relationship is with Peter (particularly, his want to merely use him as a sentient battery to energy his domination of the universe), it’s bizarre how Vol. 2 then tries to ascertain Yondu as a benevolent, caring father determine.

This meme makes that specific by evaluating Yondu to Rick from Rick and Morty, who’s an clearly extra abusive authority determine.

21 A Shared Parks and Rec Universe

Chris Pratt arguably first turned a popular culture icon as lovable doofus Andy Dwyer on NBC’s incomparable sitcom Parks and Recreation.

You can all the time inform that Chris Pratt had booked a film gig when Andy Dwyer abruptly and unexpectedly dropped a ton of weight and acquired buff, like he did when Pratt acquired ripped for Zero Darkish Thirty and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Nonetheless, Guardians of the Galaxy created a slight paradox on Parks and Recreation– in one of many Halloween episodes, a child is dressed up as Star-Lord, sporting Peter Quill’s trademark masks and pink leather-based duster.

So the Guardians motion pictures clearly exist inside the universe of Parks and Rec. How come no person notices or feedback that Andy and Star-Lord look precisely alike?

20 How is an clever species unable to understand metaphors?

Metaphors and similes are helpful linguistic instruments for human beings, in that they allow us to talk extra successfully with others round us.

They permit us a shorthand for ideas which are too complicated to distill right into a sentence, and financial institution on our shared experiences as people– they draw us collectively as one by their use.

This makes it bizarre that in Guardians of the Galaxy, Drax’s total species can not grasp metaphors and solely thinks in completely literal phrases.

Take into consideration that: they’ll’t grasp such a easy assertion as, “That went over your head.”

How on earth do Drax’s individuals relate to one another?

Additionally, how do they managed the feat of area trave with out being able to the essential psychological flexibility that metaphors require?

19 What it like for Gamora and Nebula

The sisterhood between Gamora and Nebula is second place within the “Most Dysfunctional Household Relationship” contest solely to their relationship with Thanos, their adopted father.

Each had been gathered from the populations of worlds that Thanos was busy destroying. Nebula, nonetheless, was picked by Thanos to check Gamora in fight. Thanos changed elements of Nebula little by little with equipment, till she was barely recognizable as natural life.

This would possibly make one ask, what was day-to-day life like if you happen to had been a daughter of Thanos? What was he like when he was at house enjoyable?

It’s a secure wager that he wasn’t sipping espresso and studying the night News when he took break day from conquering.

18 For somebody with no humorousness, Drax positive laughs so much

Drax is known for being the stoic, literal-minded, brooding member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He has nearly no humorousness to talk of– besides, he form of does.

Regardless of taking all the things fully actually, which is presumably the psychological situation least conducive to humor, Drax can in some way grasp the concept of a sensible joke.

The most effective moments within the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was when Drax burst out in cacophonous laughter after Mantis learn Peter Quill’s feelings and revealed his deep romantic emotions for Gamora.

It’s hilarious to see such a stone-faced character completely lose it, however it begs the query of how he may even comprehend humor within the first place.

17 Why would anyone belief the Collector?

Benicio Del Toro shouldn’t be recognized for taking part in characters who’re upstanding and trustworthy, and his streak of sketchiness continued together with his splendidly slimy efficiency as “The Collector” in Guardians of the Galaxy.

As a collector and seller in uncommon objects (a few of which live beings), The Collector was naturally obsessive about buying an Infinity Stone, and employed Peter Quill for the job.

Nonetheless, actually one minute spent with the man would persuade anybody that he’s to not be trusted, particularly with the covetous glee that he shows when explaining how loopy harmful the stone is.

Additionally, contemplating what number of one-of-a-kind, harmful, or distinctive objects and creatures he holds in his base of operations, it’s a surprise that the Nova Corps have not come knocking but to close him down.

16 What’s with Rocket Raccoon and stealing prosthetics?

Rocket Raccoon has a factor for physique parts– not actual ones, however replacements. Throughout their breakout from jail within the first Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket Raccoon dispatches the Guardians to seek out quite a lot of objects mandatory to permit them to flee, together with a fellow prisoner’s cybernetic leg.

Peter Quill efficiently convinces the prisoner at hand over his prosthesis, solely to study that Rocket was completely joking about needing it, and solely requested for it for giggles.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 turns it right into a operating gag: when he, Yondu, and Groot are attempting to flee the brig of Yondu’s ship after his crew mutinies, Rocket once more inexplicably says that he’ll want a crew member’s cybernetic eye to flee.

What does Rocket need with these elements?

15 Groot is all the time completely happy… however why?

Just about everybody with a coronary heart and soul may barely comprise their squee’s of pleasure when it was revealed that Groot had come again as a tiny sapling after seemingly passing away in the course of the climax of the primary Guardians of the Galaxy.

When it was revealed that he had turn out to be a really dancing-prone toddler model of himself in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the web exploded in cuteness.

Nonetheless, how precisely does Groot reproduce? Does he all the time have to begin out as a sapling, or does he begin out as glowing spores like he produces on the climax of the primary GOTG?

If he breaks off part of himself, does that half develop right into a full Groot? Additionally, how come no person within the galaxy appears to have encountered his species, and why aren’t there extra of him on the market?

14 Yondu Is The Actual Mary Poppins

Disney, in its sluggish march towards conquering all of popular culture and the recognized universe, acquired Marvel Studios in 2009, and so they’ve been taking full benefit of the inventive and industrial potentialities of Marvel heroes ever since.

Prepare for one more paradox, although: one of many funniest and most quotable traces in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 was Yondu’s triumphant “I’m Mary Poppins, y’all!”

Mary Poppins is a Disney film. So Disney clearly exists or did exist within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Nonetheless, Disney owns Marvel Studios in our universe, so Disney can’t personal it inside the world of the MCU.

At what level did historical past diverge on this? Marvel clearly can’t have existed, so at the very least which means George Lucas by no means may have made Howard The Duck and gone bankrupt within the MCU.

13 Actually, Thanos?

For somebody portrayed as unflinchingly brutal and relentless in his quest for domination and destruction, Thanos positive does delegate so much.

He appears completely over the petty political squabbles of the Kree in Guardians of the Galaxy, even supposing he tapped one in all their fanatics to seize an Infinity Stone for him.

Avengers: Infinity Conflict provides retroactive nonsense to the entire state of affairs as a result of we discover out that Thanos has had an enormous, terrifyingly efficient military at his disposal since Gamora was a baby, utilizing it to beat her planet and destroy half of its inhabitants.

So why didn’t he simply ship this military in to get the Infinity Stone in Guardians of the Galaxy? Possibly it was a vacation weekend, and all people had break day.

12 Unpopular opinion concerning the Nova Corps

The Nova Corps may be good, however they in some way do not determine to destroy an Infinity Stone the second they get their fingers on it regardless of realizing how harmful it’s and that Thanos needs it.

The Nova Corps do definitely seem to be Marvel’s try to repeat the attributes of the Inexperienced Lanterns Corps as a galaxy-spanning police pressure.

Within the comics, maybe we may argue that the Nova Corps may give the Inexperienced Lantern Corps a run for his or her cash by way of effectiveness. Nonetheless, this is not the case within the motion pictures.

The Corps depend upon a bunch of dysfunctional misfits to save lots of their total planet in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Additionally, in Avengers: Infinity Conflict, it’s revealed that Infinity Stones could be destroyed and the Nova Corps appear to have been destroyed offscreen.

So, given how everybody– besides Celestials– who touches the stone explodes, and the final potential for Infinity Stones to be misused, why wouldn’t they make it official coverage to destroy Infinity Stones on sight? Or at the very least comprise them?

11 Some have a galaxy, others have a Peter

Tony Stark is inarguably a boss. He single-handedly kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe juggernaut.

The most effective elements of his character is his ingenuity. All through the MCU’s first couple phases, he was a tribute to humanism, a personality who used science, expertise, and creativity to make himself equal to the gods, monsters, and super-people.

Nonetheless, there’s solely a lot that you are able to do with a swimsuit of robotic armor and a few hand-lasers.

When Tony and Peter discovered themselves amongst the Guardians of the Galaxy in Avengers: Infinity Conflict, they need to have been outclassed by the easy indisputable fact that they had been surrounded by aliens with tremendously superior expertise. He additionally shouldn’t have survived having a moon thrown at him.

That is odd contemplating what the Guardians of the Galaxy have confronted. They seem to be a group of extremely expert heroes who’ve had their very own enemies to cope with, however in some way Iron Man typically will get the highlight.

10 Drax’s “invisibility” is absolutely hit and miss

Drax appears to consider that he can obtain true invisibility simply by standing nonetheless and concentrating.

In Avengers: Infinity Conflict, he appears to genuinely consider that he can actually turn out to be cloaked from the sight of others if he would not transfer, which appears out of character for a being who’s in any other case extraordinarily grounded and smart, if a little bit odd.

Besides in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, there’s at the very least one time the place he completely manages to return out of nowhere to shock Quill and provides him a lecture about his full lack of compatibility with Gamora.

If you look intently, Drax is definitely hiding simply behind the doorway subsequent to Peter, so perhaps there’s one thing to be stated for his invisibility in spite of everything.

9 For such a cute little man, Groot positive is harmful

Groot likes to bounce. Groot likes ’70s and 80s music, is indisputably cute, and can be a harmful monster.

Not even his grownup model of Groot appears to be as harmful, though Grownup Groot does perpetrate a substantial quantity of violence within the first Guardians of the Galaxy.

It simply appears a bit odd that the lovable, dancing little Child Groot additionally has an urge for food for destruction in Vol. 2, going even as far as to assist Yondu destroy his total mutinous crew.

Earlier than he manages to seize the cybernetic implant fin that Yondu wants to manage his arrow, Child Groot brings Yondu and Rocket a severed toe.

Who does the severed toe belong to? The film by no means says, and the characters determine by no means to talk of it once more, which might be for the most effective for everybody.

8 How did Guardians of the Galaxy ever get made?

It’s a whole miracle that Marvel took an opportunity on making a film as bizarre and as attention-grabbing as Guardians of the Galaxy.

On paper, no Hollywood government would say sure to it, and but Disney and Marvel took an opportunity and, fortunately, it paid off big-time.

Nonetheless, it additionally begs the query: how did two motion pictures a few bizarre space-misfit crew with a speaking tree and a violent trash panda get made earlier than Marvel had even one film with a feminine superhero headlining it?

Solely with this month’s Ant-Man And The Wasp will we get a Marvel film with a feminine character within the title, and he or she isn’t even the principle franchise character.

7 Peter Quill Dooms The Universe

Oh, Peter Quill, you headstrong, summer time youngster. As enjoyable because the character is, everybody concerned in attempting to cease Thanos on his homeworld of Titan in Avengers: Infinity Conflict ought to have recognized higher than to put the destiny of each dwelling being within the universe within the fingers of Star-Lord.

That is particularly questionable as it appears that evidently Star-Lord is barely starting to find one thing resembling emotional maturity.

When Thanos tells him that he did certainly sacrifice Gamora to realize one other Infinity Stone, Peter rages towards him, permitting the mad Titan to interrupt free.

Nonetheless, Peter had been keen to destroy Gamora when she requested him to earlier, and was solely stopped by Thanos utilizing the Actuality Stone to alter his weapon’s ammunition into bubbles.

6 Disney tried to idiot us with Infinity Conflict’s ending

There was a whole lot of hullabaloo concerning the ending of Avengers: Infinity Conflict. Many followers had been shocked to see so many beloved characters lose their lives.

On the finish, Thanos makes use of the ability of the Infinity Gauntlet and the Infinity Stones to get rid of half of all dwelling beings within the universe– together with half of the heroes within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, heroes who now we have watched and are available to like, flip to mud and vanish into skinny air.

Besides, this is not actually the case.

Disney had already introduced that sequels to Black Panther, Spider-Man: Homecoming, in addition to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which was in manufacturing and slated for launch.

So from the second T’Challa begins disintegrating, audiences know that these heroes are coming again in some way, which basically robs Infinity Conflict of any dramatic weight that it might need held.

5 How briskly does Groot develop up?

Associated to the query of what precisely Groot’s life cycle appears to be like like is the query of how briskly he matures.

In Guardians of the Galaxy, he grows from a single twig, and by Vol. 2, he’s the scale of a human child. Then, by the credit of Vol. 2, he’s abruptly a surly teenager, sarcastic and foul-mouthed.

He stays as a youngster till Avengers: Infinity Conflict.

So, how briskly does he really develop? He went from being one dancing twig on the finish of the primary Guardians to a child in Vol. 2, then a youngster within the credit.

Plus, he appears incapable of understanding primary directions all through most of Vol. 2, however in some way is ready to not solely play video video games, but additionally make sarcastic comebacks by the point the credit roll.

4 Why would Thanos belief a fanatic like Ronan?

Whenever you’re searching probably the most highly effective artifacts within the recognized universe, one that’s an integral a part of your evil plan to extinguish half of all life within the galaxy, you do not need to move on the search effort.

If you happen to should entrust the search effort to another person, you need that particular person to be reliable, steady, and reliable.

Sadly, there is no such thing as a actuality in any universe the place Ronan the Accuser, the villain of Guardians of the Galaxy, fulfills even a kind of necessities.

So why would Thanos ever belief him to seize the Energy Stone and return it to him? That is much more questionable contemplating that Ronan is notorious within the galaxy for being a fanatic for the Kree trigger.

Thanos ought to have seen Ronan’s betrayal coming a lightyear away.

3 How does Peter Quill get batteries for his Walkman?

Maybe essentially the most iconic prop within the first two Guardians motion pictures is the Peter Quill’s notorious Sony Walkman.

Peter Quill is listening to the walkman when he’s first kidnapped by Yondu from Earth. The songs on his mom’s two mixtapes kind the soundtrack and emotional backdrop of each motion pictures.

Fortunately he upgrades to a Zune when the Walkman is smashed by Ego in Vol. 2.

Naturally, Peter would attempt to maintain on to mementos from Earth, together with the Walkman and his mom’s tape. Nonetheless, the place would he get batteries for it?

It nonetheless appears to be operating effective many years after he left Earth. Did he have to determine learn how to jury-rig an influence provide out of alien tech? How precisely was he capable of nonetheless energy it after so a few years?

2 Groot spends means an excessive amount of time dancing

The Guardians of the Galaxy have now earned their nickname twice over after stopping Ronan the Accuser in Guardians of the Galaxy from destroying the house world of the Nova Corps and stopping Ego from destroying each planet that harbors life in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Nonetheless, some members of the Guardians pull their weight greater than others. One member, particularly, who would not appear very lively is Groot.

He will get by on his cuteness as a tiny child tree-thing, which explains why he will get to spend extra time dancing than really serving to to protect the galaxy in Vol. 2.

It takes a complete scene to get him to grasp learn how to fetch one factor to advance the plot, and his function within the climax is proscribed to him misunderstanding Rocket’s directions and operating off with a harmful bomb.

1 Is a mercenary raccoon higher than Superman?

The web by no means fails to get in a dig on the DC Cinematic Universe, and the way brooding and moody Superman turns into in it.

The cheerful, smiling beacon of hope and selflessness that flew across the earth on the finish of each Christopher Reeve Superman film was now a conflicted, edgy demigod.

He would typically resort to unbelievable violence and seemingly didn’t care or discover when his fights with super-villains put harmless individuals in hurt’s means.

This makes it completely insane {that a} speaking raccoon from outer area put extra inventory within the security of civilians than the flagship character of DC’s motion pictures.

Rocket went out of his means to make sure the security of the individuals of Xandar in the course of the climax of Guardians of the Galaxy, risking himself and his ship to forestall falling particles from putting them.

Now that is a hero.

Can you discover every other memes that present that the Guardians of the Galaxy make no sense? Tell us within the feedback!

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