15 Playing cards So Highly effective That They Ought to Have Been Banned (News)


There was a time when the Yu-Gi-Oh! aggressive scene was in shambles, on account of the truth that a handful of playing cards had been completely dominating the metagame with their sheer energy. These playing cards included the 2 Envoys (Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Starting and Chaos Emperor Dragon-Envoy of the Finish) which each had an unparalleled capability to comb the sector of enemy monsters, whereas the Harpie’s Feather Duster may take away the entire opponent’s Spell and Entice playing cards with a single transfer.

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The true terror of the Yu-Gi-Oh! aggressive scene was Yata-Garasu, which was the important thing participant within the “Yata-Lock” technique, which dominated each different sort of deck that was obtainable on the time.

With a purpose to fight these extraordinarily highly effective playing cards, a Forbidden checklist was created that banned sure playing cards from being utilized in aggressive tournaments.

There are lots of extremely damaged Yu-Gi-Oh! playing cards that deserved a spot on the Forbidden checklist, however they had been allowed to wreak havoc on the event scene with out being banned. They might have been restricted within the quantity that you could possibly use in your deck, however the presence of those playing cards in your deck may nonetheless give gamers an amazing benefit.

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We’re right here immediately to take a look at the Yu-Gi-Oh! playing cards that ought to have been legally banned. From the lure that drained the talents of the opponent’s monsters, to the robotic that nullified one of many central facets of the sport.

Listed here are the 15 Yu-Gi-Oh! Playing cards That Ought to Have Been Banned!

15 Talent Drain

Talent Drain is one in all a handful of playing cards that forestalls a complete kind of card from working when it’s on the sector. When Talent Drain is activated, it’s going to negate the talents of all Impact Monsters which are on the sector. Talent Drain requires a price of 1000 Life Factors to activate, however it’s going to stay on the sector till it’s destroyed.

There are lots of deck sorts that rely closely on Impact Monsters, which implies that Talent Drain would be capable to shut them down for a comparatively small value.

Talent Drain can be used for repressing the destructive skills of sure Impact Monsters, like Darkish Elf, Goblin Assault Power, and Panther Warrior, in order that they may assault freely with out having to pay a price or have their positions mechanically modified.

14 Sincere

There are some playing cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! that may activate their impact, whereas nonetheless within the participant’s hand. This technique of activation is extremely laborious to counter in most circumstances, as most playing cards that negate or destroy different playing cards can solely have an effect on them when they’re on the sector. The explanation Sincere is so harmful is because of the way it has two results that assist it to realize it is “performed from the hand” capability.

Sincere will be returned from the sector to the hand without spending a dime throughout your principal part, which makes it simple to guard from new threats which have appeared on the sector.

Sincere’s true power lies in the truth that it may be despatched out of your hand to the Graveyard as a way to increase the ATK rating of 1 LIGHT monster on the sector, by the identical quantity as that of an attacking opponent. The truth that this capability is so good and can’t be simply countered is what makes H0nest so overpowered.

13 Mobius The Frost Monarch

The Monarch playing cards had been a number of the most annoying and damaged creatures ever included within the Yu-Gi-Oh! card recreation. The Monarchs all required a single sacrifice and had an influence that made them definitely worth the effort of bringing to the sector.

There are arguments to be made for every of the unique Monarchs showing on this checklist, as solely Raiza the Storm Monarch was ever restricted and none of them had been banned. Mobius is the one who deserves the spot, as his capability to destroy two Spell and Entice playing cards was extremely helpful. In some methods, Mobius was higher than playing cards like Jinzo, because it had the power to destroy threats that had been on the sector, as a substitute of merely suppressing them. Mobius may additionally have an effect on Spell playing cards, which meant that it may undo lots of methods that had been fashionable on the time of its launch

12 Tour Information From The Underworld

The creators of Tour Information From the Underworld did their finest to nerf its capability to summon an additional creature to the sector by limiting the summoned creature to a Fiend-type monster and negating any results it could have. The summoned creature additionally can’t be used as a cloth for a Synchro Summon.

With all of those restrictions in place, how did gamers discover a technique to abuse the results of Tour Information From the Underworld?

It is potential to revive the summoned creature’s impact by discovering a technique to quickly banish it from the sector or by turning it over, resembling with the impact of E book of the Moon. The introduction of Xyz Summons additionally meant that Tour Information From the Underworld may immediately convey out a degree three Xyz Monster onto the sector in a single flip. This meant that Tour Information From the Underworld shortly grew to become probably the greatest tutors within the recreation.

11 Reckless Greed

Reckless Greed would possibly seem to be a balanced card on the floor, however it’s impact is definitely fairly simple to reap the benefits of. The impact of Reckless Greed permits you to draw two playing cards in trade for skipping your subsequent two Draw Phases. This may nearly all the time be to the participant’s benefit, as accessing extra playing cards gives you extra of an opportunity to take management of the sector.

Reckless Greed has truly turn into much more unbalanced, as it’s now not Semi-Restricted. This implies you’ll be able to run three of them in your deck. The official ruling of results that skip the Draw Part is that they do not accumulate, which implies that you could possibly use three Reckless Greeds to attract six playing cards and solely skip two Draw Phases.

10 Limiter Elimination

Limiter Elimination is just like Megamorph in that it doubles the ATK rating of all Machine creatures on the sector, at the price of destroying them on the finish of the flip.

Limiter Elimination existed through the first period of Yu-Gi-Oh! because it was utilized by Duke Devlin throughout his duel with Joey Wheeler.

The potential of this card hadn’t been realized at that cut-off date, as solely a handful of Machine creatures existed and so they had been outclassed by Dragons, Fiends, and Spellcasters.The discharge of Cyber Dragon and its quite a few assist playing cards meant that Limiter Elimination instantly grew to become one of the vital harmful Spell Playing cards within the recreation. For those who may get two Cyber Dragons on the sector and activate Limiter Elimination, then there’s a good probability you’ve gained the duel, as their mixed ATK rating could be over eight-thousand.

9 Deck Devastation Virus

The Deck Devastation Virus card is an already nerfed model of the Crush Card Virus, which was one of the vital highly effective playing cards within the recreation and was rightly banned for a few years.

The Deck Devastation Virus card is definitely higher than the Crush Card Virus in some respects, but it has principally averted restrictions.

It’s tougher to make use of the Deck Devastation Virus’ impact, because it requires the sacrifice of a DARK monster with 2000 ATK factors. For those who can pull this off, you then get to examine your opponent’s hand for the following three turns and destroy all playing cards with 1500 ATK or much less that they’ve of their hand throughout that point. This impact grew to become even stronger as the Yu-Gi-Oh! metagame modified, as weaker monsters grew to become extra fashionable, on account of how Synchro and Xyz Summons labored. But, the Deck Devastation Virus was by no means banned.

8 Solemn Warning

Solemn Warning is an try at balancing out an older card known as Solemn Judgement, which was considered being one of the vital overpowered playing cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! Solemn Judgement allowed you to negate just about any card that was performed for the price of half of your life factors. The sheer utility of this card led to it being a frequent fixture on the Forbidden checklist.

The impact of Solemn Warning permits you to stop any creature from being summoned (no matter whether or not it’s a Regular Summon/Set or a Particular Summon) for the price of 2000 Life Factors. This can be a step down from the facility of Solemn Judgement. However, the recognition of Particular Summons and decks constructed round Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz Summons imply that Solemn Warning will likely be highly-effective in opposition to just about each opposing technique within the recreation.

7 Magic Cylinder

The facility of a Yu-Gi-Oh! card is usually outlined by the aggressive scene in what number of playing cards it prices to equal its results. Pot of Greed is the chief instance of an overpowered card, because it offers you two free playing cards in trade for one, which implies that there is no such thing as a motive to not use one in your deck. This was the case for years till Pot of Greed was banned.

Magic Cylinder has an analogous sort of impact as Pot of Greed.

Magic Cylinder can negate an enemy assault and ship the harm proper again on the opponent. This meant that it was potential to defeat your opponent with a single Entice Card in the best state of affairs, even when they held the benefit on the sector. This was why Magic Cylinder was Restricted for thus lengthy, however it deserved to be outlawed.

6 Gold Sarcophagus

The overwhelming majority of aggressive card avid gamers will use the minimal quantity of required playing cards of their deck. This is because of the truth that a number of the finest playing cards in every recreation are additionally the costliest, so the participant needs to present themselves as a lot of an opportunity as potential to attract the playing cards that they want.

Gold Sarcophagus provides the participant an opportunity to attract any card from their deck, as long as they’re happy with ready for 2 turns till they will get it. This makes Gold Sarcophagus probably the greatest additions to any Exodia deck. Particularly within the codecs the place it’s not restricted, as you will discover a number of of the items in a couple of quick turns. Gold Sarcophagus’ impact can be bypassed by sure playing cards, resembling D. D. Scout Aircraft, as a way to convey creatures onto the sector with out having to attend for 2 turns.

5 Soul Cost

There was lots of Yu-Gi-Oh! playing cards that might summon creatures from the Graveyard without spending a dime. These playing cards had been slowly phased out over time, on account of how overpowered they had been. Playing cards like Monster Reborn and Untimely Burial allowed you to carry out a free summon from the Graveyard, which may very well be mixed with playing cards, like Silly Burial, to convey any card to the sector.

Soul Cost was a return to the glory days of summoning creatures from the Graveyard. 

To make use of Soul Cost, you’ll be able to pay 1000 Life Factors per creature to summon totally different slain monsters to the sector. You could not conduct a Battle Part throughout the identical flip that you just used Soul Cost, which was a small worth to pay for filling up your discipline with creatures. It is potential to shortly flip the tide of battle in your favor with using a single card and it does not require a lot technique to drag off.

4 Silly Burial

Joey’s utilization of Silly Burial within the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime and manga reveals simply how wonderful it’s, on account of its combo potential. All you want is to have Silly Burial and a card that might return a creature from the Graveyard to the sector, as a way to summon any monster out of your deck. This allowed you to bypass summoning necessities for higher-level creatures and you could possibly achieve this in a single flip.

It took a very long time for Silly Burial to be restricted, which has to do with the truth that new creatures had been launched that benefitted from being within the Graveyard. Silly Burial deserved to be banned reasonably than restricted, as its impact was too good for a card that had no different prices or drawbacks.

3 Deep Sea Diva

It took some time for Sea Serpent decks to achieve an actual aggressive standing, as they did not obtain lots of assist playing cards till the discharge of the Raging Battle set. Deep Sea Diva is a Tuner that summons one other degree 1-Three Sea Serpent creature to the sector.

Deep Sea Diva is among the finest Sea Serpent creatures within the recreation, on account of how it’s integral to a number of unimaginable combos.

That is generally paired up with Atlantean Heavy Infantry, which lets you carry out an additional Regular Summon or Set through the Essential Part. These creatures mixed provide you with lots of choices for summoning totally different Sea Serpents from the deck, which you should utilize to shortly carry out some high-level Synchro and Xyz Summons, resembling having the ability to convey Mermail Abyssmegalo to the sector.

2 Megamorph

Megamorph was a key participant in one of the vital devastating combos within the Yu-Gi-Oh! aggressive scene. This was on account of Cyber-Stein, which had the power to summon a Fusion Monster to the sector for the price of 5000 Life Factors. This meant that you could possibly summon a creature with over 4000 ATK factors to the sector. You possibly can then equip it with Megamorph, which doubled its ATK rating, which might give it over 8000 ATK factors. For those who had a transparent shot in opposition to the opponent, then you’ve gained the duel.

Cyber-Stein has been on and off the Forbidden checklist over time, however Megamorph has by no means been a lot as restricted. That is even if Megamorph can be utilized in different combos that may finish the match in a single flip, resembling one involving Evil HERO Infernal Gainer and Evil HERO Darkish Gaia.

1 Jinzo

Jinzo was a distinguished card within the authentic Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, as Joey Wheeler gained it from Esper Roba through the Battle Metropolis Event and used it for the rest of the sequence. The model of the Jinzo card that appeared within the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga was truly totally different than the one from the cardboard recreation, because it was a degree seven creature. This meant that it required two sacrifices as a way to be summoned to the sector. Jinzo was became a degree six creature within the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime and card recreation, which meant that Joey’s battles wanted to be rewritten.

Jinzo deserved a spot on the Forbidden checklist for a very long time, however it managed to skate by with a Restricted and Semi-Restricted standing all through most of its existence.

The unique model of Jinzo was way more balanced, as its highly effective impact is befitting that of a creature which requires two sacrifices. The truth that Jinzo was became a degree six monster turned it into one of the vital helpful playing cards within the recreation, to the purpose the place it noticed use in each sort of deck possible for years to come back.

Jinzo’s impact suppresses the results of all Entice playing cards on the sector, which implies that a portion of the opponent’s playing cards will turn into ineffective till Jinzo is disposed of. The truth that Jinzo additionally had 2400 ATK factors meant that it was additionally a menace in battle, with solely a handful of different degree six creatures having the ability to exceed its power.

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